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Realizing clear strategy, trust, collaboration and empowerment in the new world of work

How Humdex is now helping companies deploy their vision through the new VISULT digital OGSM innovation.

Why VISULT and what is the idea behind it?

1- Each year, Gallup reports that approximately 65% of companies fail to meet their strategic objectives. This is not due to the quality of the plan, but to the execution. The same is true for transformations: many of them run into difficulties and produce disappointing results when it is essential for companies to be able to carry out a transformation successfully.

2- 80% of employees do not know or understand their company's strategy. And we know how important it is to have aligned and engaged teams.

3- Managers spend too much time on non-value-added tasks like compiling information, writing reports.... and often feel overwhelmed by new work trends that, although they already existed, exploded with the pandemic.

Initially FDM partners (the consulting firm behind VISULT) developed a management efficiency approach based on trust, vision, transparency, performance. (Management “bienveillant”) and support companies with transformations, engagement and efficiency.

This approach includes the deployment of the OGSM (Objective, Goals, Strategies, Measures); a proven methodology created in Japan in the 1950s for the automotive industry and since been adopted by many companies around the world.

FDM however wanted to go further, to innovate and help companies deploy their strategic vision in a more efficient and transparent way. To achieve this FDM created VISULT, a digital innovation based on a proven methodology (OGSM), built in alignment with FDMs’ initial philosophy and approach. The app becomes the driver behind the approach and the deployment of the app drives the process and behaviours FDM believes in.

A bit more about OGSM and VISULT

One of the reasons for the success of the OGSM is that the company's strategic vision and key objectives are captured in a simple, clear and concise document that can be easily shared within any organization.

The difficulty with OGSM is the management the cascading process and the bottom-up approach. The follow up is mainly managed via Excel spreadsheets, which makes it difficult to keep track on the links from the root OGSM to the individual objectives and to track the performance.

VISULT allows the OGSM cascade automatically from the initial OGSM to individual objectives. Every employee sees the link between their contribution and the overall strategy and reports his progress.

What I like about VISULT

The platform is extremely easy to deploy (SaaS), intuitive (no fastidious training needed) and facilitates all type of collaboration (vertical or matrix, in the office or remote working…), adaptable to company specificities and to OKR methodology.

It supports the values I believe in (trust, collaboration, empowerment).

In the current context it’s even more important to bring people together behind a strong plan, show them the direction and support them to achieve success.

Due to pandemic the traditional ways of working are challenged and it’s sometimes difficult for managers and for employees to find a new and balanced way of working. Managing the performance with trust and empowering employees is key for success and VISULT is the right support for this.

A winning combination

Having co-founded both companies I strongly believe in complimentary potential of HUMDEX and VISULT solutions.

The common theme is to support companies with their transformation journeys and a focus on people.

The “products” are complementary even if they are not yet fully connected.

VISULT helps to clarify the company objectives and helps leaders to think about the needed strategies to achieve the expected results. The strategies have an impact on people in terms of competencies, numbers, geographies, organizations. This input is key to capture for the HUMDEX approach; To understand what talent you need to execute the strategies and how it will impact your talent demands. In the same way understanding the talent market might influence the planned strategies to ensure success.

Our plan is to develop the platform in a way that will allow an easier merge of the 2 approaches.

The strength of both companies is as well the teams behind them, all team members are experts in their fields and carry the same values!! They believe in what they do and do what they believe in with experience and passion!

To find out more on VISULT and its OGSM digital platform go HERE


We work hard at keeping up to date and informed on the latest trends and news affecting the world of people analytics, diversity and inclusion & strategic workforce planning. If you would like to know more about the work we do, then please contact us.

Author -Astrid Manquin

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