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Question themes

Part 1 Question clusters and single questions
The questions that we asked were divided into 3 different question clusters:
- Our first cluster discerns the strategic role of HR - here we sought to understand how both HR and senior managers viewed the contribution of HR to business strategy
- The second question cluster looked at the level of satisfaction with the strategic data provided by HR
- This final cluster seeks to understand if within the HR function, there is a consideration of how the external talent and related market might influence HR and business decisions 

Part 2 Most needed skills
- Here we have identified the most needed for skills for HR in the future.

Part 3 The perceived gap between HR now and HR in the future
- Here we asked about the perception between opposite attributes for HR contrasting the current situation with how it is expected to be in the future.

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We gathered insights from:


  • Over 100 business leaders

  • Across 17 Countries

  • Board, senior and other management levels 

  • Multiple company sizes

Study insights
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Study Library

A repository of insights and thought pieces important to the world of people analytics contributed by international experts

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Uploaded by Humdex Ltd.

Mar 11th - 2021

An amazing opportunity to read the English translations of many of the recent short pieces penned by an internationally renowned expert in these discourses.  

Why conduct a study?

Data is a key part to understanding the present, the past and in planning for the future. At Humdex we wanted to test the theory that:

HR Professionals must be more data-led if they want to be business critical.

The study considered the views of both HR professionals and other senior managers, taken from a global perspective.


Together with our partner, EUCUSA, we created a Next Generation-HR study, to measure which data makes a difference for ensuring the future success of HR.

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The results tell us some interesting things...

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