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Unlock the power of your people data

Humdex is an digital HR data analysis and interpretation business.


Our aim is to support companies in maximising the value of their people data for strategic workforce planning & diversity and inclusion talent market mapping purposes.

We deliver high quality internal and external data with effective visualisations and interpretations to ensure fact-based human capital planning that is critical to deliver the talent to drive business strategy.


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Humdex is here to help you:

K-now your internal talent gaps

U-nderstand the external talent market 

D-efine a quantifiable SWFP & HR strategy

O-ptimize time & resources 

S-ave money with data driven analysis

KUDOS- from Greek: Praise or acclaim exceptional achievement

Bespoke reporting & support throughout
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Tailor made reports that answer your business needs

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We guide you in defining your needs and understanding the outcome 

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We make sure you and your organization feel comfortable with report interpretation

A welcome from the Director:
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Caroline Brent -Director-

I love both data and people. I have worked in HR for 35 years and I truly believe that HR must be a numerate people discipline.

It is true that people are emotional beings, but in order to make good quality business decisions that both challenge and support business strategy, people professionals need to be evaluative forward thinkers.

We have created Humdex as we believe we need to be human data experts.  

By understanding facts and trends around internal and external people data we can better equip both the people we work with and the businesses we support for future success.

It is only EVER about having the talent to succeed. We are a truly passionate about inspiring people professionals to reap benefits from the endless pit of data they have to dig through on a day to day basis

Meet the team


We work alongside some fantastic businesses...

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Want to know more?

Learn about our data and our regulatory compliance including GDPR & DPA:



We believe business strategy can only be effectively delivered if it is supported by a data driven Human Capital plan. We know that facts drive decision making.

At Humdex we believe our strategic data-driven talent management tool helps you define the talent needed to support your business strategy by analysing relevant facts and figures.

Our tool is based on profound future-orientated analysis to enable you to take the right actions to deliver the right people and skills where you need them. This drives the right people investment decisions and supports long term decision-making via Strategic workforce planning. 

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Caroline Brent


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Caroline has a long career in HR with multinationals. She has held...Read more


Astrid Manquin


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Astrid is a senior HR Director with multinational strategic and...Read more


Scott Brent


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Scott is an internationally qualified project manager with a deep...Read more 

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Thea Roberts

Senior Consultant

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Thea has worked in senior commercial roles predominantly in the...Read more

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