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What do you get?

Company strategy supported with a strong strategic workforce plan, based on solid data analysis and an understanding of the impact of different business scenario’s on the human capital landscape.


Bespoke SWFP Consultancy

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People Data


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Services in focus:

Let the HUMDEX experts deliver the full service & your reports 

Unlock the power of your people data in made-to-measure reports

Relax as the HUMDEX team overseas the whole end to end process 

Understand your data with our analysis & preparation workshops 

Benefit from data formatting & harmonising support 

Empower greater insight in your SWFP process

Maximize the effective use of you HR & buiness resources

Find out about Humdex methodology in this short video:

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HUMDEX delivers:

An “as is” current state analysis

Predictive analytics

External trend analysis 

Alignment of Strategic workforce planning (SWFP) with your business strategy


Using a unique tailor-made reports shaped by market leading experts in Strategic workforce planning (SWFP).

Flexibly working with you & your internal environment to maximise to value of your data.


This gives a clear, measurable and fact-based approach to talent and people planning driving accountability for Human Capital planning.


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Our insights are:



Fact based