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Human Data Experts

Humdex helps you prioritize, calibrate and focus your Human Capital efforts and investment to maximize business impact.

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What do you get?
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Data-driven algorithmic-based analysis combined with Senior HR expertise. The Humdex comparative approach and link to market positioning are unique.

Services in focus:


Bespoke SWFP

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D&I talent market mapping

Bespoke SWFP analysis:

Unlocking The Power of Your People Data in The Current Global Climate 06JUNE2020
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Find out about Humdex methodology in this additional short video:

Let the HUMDEX experts deliver the full service & your reports: 

Unlock the power of your people data in made-to-measure reports

Relax as the HUMDEX team overseas the whole end to end process 

Understand your data with our analysis & preparation workshops 

Benefit from data formatting & harmonising support 

Empower greater insight in your SWFP process

Maximize the effective use of you HR & buiness resources

Download our SWFP info-graphic:

D&I talent market mapping:

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Too many diversity activities are developed based on internal information only. True impact in an organization demands an understanding of both your own internal performance and the external market in which you compete for talent, following these 4 key steps: 

Create fact-based sophisticated targets built on market knowledge and internal needs 
- Set realistic objectives against which to judge recruitment efforts.

- Communicate internally and externally about aims, aspirations and performance

- Pinpoint training, development and succession planning activities


All four are outcomes of the Humdex D&I talent market mapping analysis!

Humdex D&I talent market mapping Delivers: 

3-part offering [consultancy, analysis and reporting]  

Expert assistance to refine your internal data  

Map of internal data against the external talent market

Support to cultivate, define or confirm D&I market aspiration

Delivery of a unique bespoke data driven report


Download our D&I mapping info-graphic:

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Book a demo with us to see HUMDEX in action

HUMDEX delivers:

An “as is” current state analysis

Predictive analytics

External trend analysis 

Insights aligned with your business strategy


Using a unique tailor-made reports shaped by market leading experts in Strategic workforce planning (SWFP) and D&I talent market mapping.

Flexibly working with you & your internal environment to maximise to value of your data.


This gives a clear, measurable and fact-based approach to talent and people planning driving accountability for Human Capital planning.

Our insights are:



Fact based

D&I talent market mapping
Bespoke service
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