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Can HR data make a difference to business strategy?

At Humdex we have a passion for data, and we believe that a data driven understanding of the impact of workforce availability and talent is critical to the achievement of business strategy. We all know that the world is changing dramatically. Digitization is becoming more and more important, but which data really makes a difference, and what is really needed from HR in the future?


To answer these questions, we have decided to launch an open study to collect the perspectives and expectations of business drivers from different countries, background, and functions.


We are asking for your help in defining the relevance of people data, and the ability to evaluate its potential impact on business, as a key competence for people professionals and leaders of the future.

Take part in our anonymous study and get the results for free

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Getting results

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The results will be available via our website at free of charge once the survey closes later this year.

We also offer the opportunity to generate a company-specific view for participants of your organization. If this is of interest please contact or fill out a contact form below, and we will provide you with a company-specific participation code.

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The Humdex study 

By completing this anonymous short survey provided by our partner EUCUSA, you can help define how both HR professionals and the broader business see the future demands on the people function in businesses.


The survey is open to all business managers as well as HR professionals


We recommend that this survey is shared with anybody you consider relevant either inside or outside your organization by forwarding them the following link


The more respondents there are, the better validated will be the outcome.

Average study completion time is 10 minutes


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