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Dynamite data; The inspiring insights we wanted to bring to the LEAD Network virtual event

We attended the largest LEAD network conference yet to deliver hard facts that make business D&I strategy a main-stream 'must have’.

Inspire me

The 9th annual conference for LEAD network was the biggest one yet with 875 delegates drawn from 51 countries and 107 companies!

The theme this year was "Doing Not Trying: It Starts With One", a varied programme of events explored the power of each individual and company to build a more gender-balanced industry. Humdex Ltd, forever a advocate of fact-driven analytics to help people unlock the power of their D&I initiatives, was thrilled to be asked to speak at yet another LEAD event. This time as one of the quick-fire hot take delivery "inspire me" sessions.

These "inspire me" talks were designed so that industry thought-leaders could spark new ideas. A format that was highly popular and very well received during the course of the event. In-fact LEAD reported a rise in the value users saw from the conference over last year (collected via feedback forms).

So what did Humdex choose to talk about?

Hard facts

With the aim to energize and challenge viewers our very own Thea Roberts and Caroline Brent wanted to expose the hard facts that make business D&I strategy a main-stream 'must have'. In their session they shared with delegates the relevant external market data that delivers the power to company D&I analytics. Exposed the unavoidable commercial truth that demands a committed, measurable and action orientated diversity strategy, but also what it means to drive alignment, commitment and real change.

All of this is under 10 minutes, and now you can watch the full recording right here:

We used deliberately challenging language in our slot and the audience was truly wonderful, gave great feedback and asked plenty of questions of our experts.

We still had plenty of questions to answer when our time was done, so here's hoping that the next LEAD Network event will be a physical one, so greater access to thought-leaders outside of their talks can be possible.

If you did attend the event last year, or just have questions about this topic please feel free to contact our experts via their LinkedIn profiles or via our contact form on the home page.


We work hard at keeping up to date and informed on the latest trends and news affecting the world of people analytics, diversity and inclusion & strategic workforce planning. If you would like to know more about the work we do, then please contact us.

Author -Scott Brent

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