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Strategic Workforce Planning -The critical future planning tool-

Humdex Ltd. and FDM partners collaborate to deliver a webinar on the increasing importance of SWFP in business. Watch the whole video here.

What are we talking about?

The pandemic has forced all organizations to reconsider their working landscape. It may also have opened up opportunities for us all to re-asses values, re-design procedures, re-evaluate culture and offer up a chance for a hard reset with the way we do business. Understanding the workforce needed to deliver our 'new normal' is a critical must-have if we want to not only survive but also to thrive. A strategic workforce plan is our keystone in the bridge over to this new landscape. All of us at Humdex and our partners at FDM are working to help companies understand its importance and unlock the right potential for the future.

Take a look at our latest webinar on "Strategic Workforce Planning -The critical future planning tool-" in the video just below to know more.


This is a live recording of a webinar conducted on June 18th 2020. The webinar is in French but with English spoken by the expert umdex Ltd. representative, english timestamp: 16:51.

Asking the experts

We ask Humdex Directors Astrid Manquin and Caroline Brent for their thoughts on some of our follow up questions.

Q - Should all companies looking to review their SWFP now?

A - We think it is absolutely critical that companies review their workforce strategy NOW. Not only have we all learned a lot during this period of unprecedented challenge and change, but we may also have found new ways of getting things done. The companies that are able to define, articulate and then take advantage of these new workforce and working experiences will be the winners of the future. We know that using an organized and strategic approach is the way that we can ensure we embed what we have learned for the benefit of employees and employers.

Q - What is, in your opinions,the No.1 barrier to effective workforce planning?

A - Research tells us that Strategic workforce planning delivers significant efficiency and cost advantages to companies that do it well. Too often people see it as a cost rather than looking at the strategic and business transformational impact that it always has.

Q - Tell us the most common question you get asked by companies about SWFP?

A - How long will it take? Which is an interesting question as it depends on 1) The quality of existing data and 2) the business span and complexity. The more you do it, the more efficient you become and the less time it takes. In our experience, as you become experienced in SWFP, the demand from the business for the data SWFP provides ensures it is quickly and efficiently delivered.

Q - In what ways can Humdex help companies in their SWFP efforts?

A - At Humdex we have a tried and trusted methodology that includes access to unique internal and external data insights. We work with you to ensure that your SWFP delivers an actionable agenda that shows the measurable business value of HR and demonstrates exactly why good people planning is a key driver of business success. It helps to place people professionals at the centre of business strategy planning.

At Humdex we deliver data driven high-level workforce analysis, which we decode bespoke for your SWFP. If this article has motivated you to action and you want our support to unlock the power of your people data please CONTACT US to find out more.


We work hard at keeping up to date and informed on the latest trends and news affecting the world of people analytics & strategic workforce planning. If you would like to know more about the work we do, then please contact us.

Author -Scott Brent

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